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GifWall haydiroket @ Transnumériques #5 / Mons2015

publish the 19 November 2015 at 10 h 06 min

GIFWall est un projet d’exposition itinérante lancé en 2015 par Jacques Urbanska qui en assure la curation et produit par Transcultures, Centre des Cultures numériques et sonores base à Mons (Belgique) qui en assure également la diffusion. Le GIFWall veut faire découvrir au public une série d’artistes utilisant le Web et les réseaux comme matière première de création à travers la production et l’exposition d’images animées très grand format. Chaque artiste sélectionné par le GIFWall devra produire une fresque de grande taille utilisant le format GIF qui sera projeté dans des lieux ou des événements partenaires.

Pour le lancement du projet, l’artiste espagnole Françoise Gamma et l’artiste turc Haydiroket (aka Mert Keskin) ont créé respectivement un GIFWall pour le festival « Voix de Femmes 2015 » et le « Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015 ». On pourra retrouver une nouvelle version du GIFWall de Haydiroket lors de ces Transnumeriques 2015.

Sous le pseudonyme de Haydiroket, Mert Keskin est l’un des éditeurs de GIF résidents of ciels de la plateforme Tumblr. Il a été exposé à l’âge de cinq ans à l’Atari game system, a fait partie de la Demoscene dans les premières heures des années 90, avant que ses talents soient découverts par MTV et Tumblr. Son travail a été montré dans toute une série de festivals de part le monde.

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GIFWall is a traveling exhibition project launched in 2015 by Jacques Urbanska who shall curation and produced by Transcultures, Center for Digital and sound Cultures, based in Mons (Belgium) which also provides the broadcast. GIFWall wants to show the public a series of artists using the Web and networks as raw material creation through the production and exhibition of large format animated images. Each artist selected by the GIFWall will produce a large fresco using the GIF format which will be screened in places or partner events.

To launch the project, the Spanish artist Francoise Gamma and Turkish artist Haydiroket (aka Mert Keskin) respectively created a GIFWall for the festival “Voices of Women 2015” and “Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015”. We can find a new version of GIFWall of Haydiroket during these Transnumériques 2015.


Founded in 1987, the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) offered the ability to store multiple images in one file. The lively format Web was born. Very light and supported by web browsers from 1993, the animated GIF has quickly become a ‘must’ in the Internet field without video. At the time, with 56k modems that crackled and when loading a page took ages, it had become impossible to escape: the Web would not stay static.

If first animated GIFs, very simple at Web beginnings, often kitsch or of bad taste, did not survive when Web 2.0, Broadband and Video; a new generation of Net-artists appears at the end of 2000 and appropriates the format. These children of Web 2.0 use social networks as a raw material of creation and diversion to considerably amplify their presence. Soon the GIF will acquire its pedigree again and its uses will multiply.

With multiple online exhibitions, but also with exhibitions in contemporary art galleries, some elevate GIF to the rank of art in itself. Like pictures, cartoons or press photography, collage or short format, GIF wants to bring to the world an offbeat look. It generally aims to provoke, to think, to move, to denounce or to be a reflection of our society. It is also, for us particularly interesting compared to what it generates as points of a certain culture Web meetings which it became, if not the emblem in any case, the exercise of style …

Haydiroket (Tk)

Under the pseudonym Haydiroket, Merter Keskin is one of GIF editors and main residents of the Tumblr platform. He had an exhibition at the age of five from the Atari game system, was part of the Demoscene in the early hours of the 90s, before his talents were discovered by MTV and Tumblr. His work has been shown in a series of festivals around the world.

read his interview on Psychic Gloss Magazine

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